Skyjacker“Skyjacker” is a 3D space simulation game based on original IP from the “Abyss Lights” book series.

Advanced physics and extended spaceship customization enhance innovations during gameplay. Immersive space saga weaves compelling storyline, next-gen graphics, and epic sound score reminiscent of “Lord of the Rings”, following the player in his space adventures.

The player controls a space pirate who is roaming around the galaxy, robbering solitary ships or trade caravan, and capturing new devices and technologies, which can use then to improve his own spacecraft.

The player begins his career as a pocket thief, flying a rusty space junker, equipped with an old gun. Progressing, he climbs the criminal ladder, changing his status in the criminal community. The system of ranks reflects in-game progress of the player. Each new rank opens new opportunities for him, that were unavailable at the previous stage.

The game’s core differentiator is the attention to detail that bases destructibility on constructability. Now the player can decide what should be destroyed and precisely how it should be destroyed. This groundbreaking feature is extended into all aspects of the gameplay – from controllable demolition of the enemy ship and game environment in the battle mode, to the player’s ship reconstruction and modification in the hangar mode.

The player take actions in the very busy environment. The game universe is full of life. Hundreds of alien races are living in thousands of solar systems with unique natural conditions. During the game the player will interact to 8 alien races. He can meet up to 80 types of enemy spaceships and other objects in the battle mode. Rising on ladder of crime the player can obtain more than 200 components and devicesб that he can use to customize his spacecraft in the hangar mode.

Numerous unique features and innovations significantly distinguish “Skyjacker” from other games in the genre of Space-Sim on the market today.
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