Red Coin

Red Coin

Red Coin“RED COIN” is an online command 3D shooter. Players’ collaboration and creativity are main gameplay features of the game. Players must collaborate to build their planetary colony and to survive in hostile environment.

The game’s core differentiator is an absolute cross-platforming. In Red Coin people can play together using any device as a gaming gateway, moving between desktop, mobile or handheld devices.

Game Plot

Red Coin is a desert planet fifteen light-years away from Earth that is orbiting the red dwarf star. Named for its dry ocean bed, which resembles an ancient royal profile engraved on a golden ducat, Red Coin’s desolate surface belies its coveted mineral deposits. A spike in the planet’s surface temperature several thousand years ago led to devastating global climate change, and the once lush landscape was transformed into a vast desert. Rare species that survived have rapidly evolved into hostile desert predators, and are forced to compete with each other for the little food that remains.

Red Coin was colonized by Humans to mine the mineral “Alba”; the hyper-catalyst for all plasma torch engines. Transnational corporations began aggressive planetary expansion, fighting each other for new territories and resources.

Most of the colonies are located in meteorite crater rims. Typical structures include Living Areas, Production Zones, and Spaceports. Colonies often include Military Zones with special Explosive Materials Storage buildings, and Military Vehicle Hangars. Colonies vary in size from small one-zone colonies to larger colonies comprised of two or three zones, being located in double or triple-rim craters.

Five years after The First Wave, humans were attacked by another alien race, Yatagooshee (a reptilian race), who arrived to create their own colony there too. A war soon began but the volatile nature of “Alba” has made it impossible to use weapons of mass destruction. As a result, both races were restricted to the use of airborne attack troops. Both races are identical in several key biological features, both live in similar natural conditions and use similar natural resources, which makes them strong competitors.


Players can play for the Human or Yatagooshee race. Both have an equal structure of classes, but different types of weaponry, perks and equipment within their classes. Each class has unique graphical design since each race uses different basic technologies (HUM – mechanical technology prevails; YTG – organic biotechnology in the most).

In “Red Coin” players are a part of colony defense squad. They can play for Human (HUM) or for Yatagooshee (YTG) race, fighting opponent race or repulsing sudden attacks of local aborigines’ tribes.

Main Focus – the game is mainly focused on large, online multiplayer battles, with emphasis on piloting a number of vehicles as well as team-based infantry combat.

Game mission task is to reduce the opposing team’s tickets. Tickets represent an army’s ability to reinforce their position on the battlefield; each team has only a limited supply of tickets, and each casualty on the battlefield reduces the number of available tickets. Control points represent key points on the map, and are represented by flags. Control points are spawn points, and one team possessing a significant majority of the control points causes the other team’s tickets to gradually decrease, regardless of casualties. A round ends when one team’s tickets fall to zero, the round’s timer ends, or if at any point a team holds no control points, and has no soldiers alive on the battlefield (meaning they are not present in any way on the battlefield).

Playing in squads has also become a major element of the game. Overall, squad system logic is similar to ones presented in Battlefield games series, as well as Commander’s position.

Class System – the game has own class system. Each class features a different type of primary weapon along with different equipment, differentiating roles in the battle. Player can play several classes in parallel, progressing in every class independently. Character’s advanced customization mode provides a wide range of choices between different types of weaponry, equipment, parts of space suit (like helmet, gauntlets, boots, several armor pads) or accessories.

Game statistics for each player allowing the players to receive rank promotions and weapon unlocks based on their statistics as well as awards such as medals, ribbons and pins. It will be integrated with popular social networks (such as Facebook) to let players boast of their achievements to friends. Thus player’s rank and achievements are visible to others, being a subject of honor.

Game Community – ability to organize clans, coalitions and to take a part in tournaments gives player a motivation for further advance in the game.

Game workshop and customization tools provide to player a wide range of possibilities to upgrade his character and to customize his gaming environment. Furthermore, player can use auctions to buy or sell items (such as weaponry, ammo, equipment, space suits items, etc.).